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We spent 35 years of working in the food industry and dealing with the fury little creatures called mice. We used our knowledge, experience and expertise acquired over the years of working with pest control companies and in the food industry to develop these revolutionary devices. We dealt with trying to control mice at home and at work. We always had thoughts of not having them to get on the inside and keeping them out. The perfect solution would be to block them out. That was our total motivation for developing this product. This will keep us from dealing with them period because it keeps them outside in the elements. Our aim is to attack them at the natural points at which they enter through doorways and garage doors. It is our goal is to make sure that when our product is used it will block mice out and prevent them from entering homes, businesses and structures through doorways and garage doors. This product is applicable whether you have mice or not. The potential is always there for them to enter your space. Prevention is always the best cure.